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Positions Currently Available (Scroll down for more information about each position)

Office Assistant
Visitation Monitor
Contract Therapist (LPC, LMFT, LCSW or psychologist)
Part-time Therapist (LPC, LMFT, LCSW or psychologist)

Office Assistant(s)

Required Credentials: Completion of high school or equivalent 

Position: Part-time employee with possibility of full time hours in the near future

Compensation: Starting at $8.00/hour during training period with increase after 30 days and after 90 days.

Number of positions: 1 or 2 (one full time position, or two part-time positions)

Hours: Depending on the needs of the office, shift will either be for one person 9-5 or two people one 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and one 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Start: This is an immediate opening, however, you must pass a background check before you may begin working. If you have lived outside the State of Texas in the past five years, you will need to complete fingerprinting for a nationwide background check.

Duties/Description: Arrive on-time each morning to open the office. Answer telephone calls and schedule appointments for therapists. Pull files for therapists. Greet clients as they come in and accept copayments for those clients who must pay copayments. Process client files after therapists' sessions. (This includes submitting electronic claim to insurance company and creating an invoice in our system.) File client charts into locked filing after insurance submission each day. Other duties as assigned.

Skills/Experience: Positive attitude, good communications skills, and attention to detail are a must. Computer skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Office (primarily Word & Outlook).

How to apply: Visit the "forms" section of this website. Complete 1) Employment Application 2) Form 2970c and 3) Form 2971c. Send all three of these documents, along with a resume and income history to AHC via email to

Visitation Monitor(s)

Required Credentials: High school diploma, experience working with children and families, reliable transportation, basic computer skills, internet access, email address. Must be able to pass criminal history background check and child protective services check. Bilingual a plus, but NOT REQUIRED.

Position: Independent Contractor

Compensation: $12.00/hour (as an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own taxes. Employeed positions may be available in the future, but at this time, all monitors are indepdent contractors.)

Number of positions: Several, depending on how many hours new monitors are able to work

Hours: Part time, no specific number of hours required or guaranteed

Schedule: Flexible, choose your own hours. Most appointments will take place during "after school" hours or on weekends, however, many appointments do take place during the regular work-day. Once selected, you will advise us what days and times you are willing to work and we will begin assigning you cases and CPS workers send them to us. Most needed times at this time are evenings and weekends, but this can change.

Start: Immediately once cleared by DFPS/background check (background check can be completed as quickly as two days or may take as long as two weeks. We do not have control over the background check timeline as it is completed by DFPS.) 

Duties: Observe visits between parents and children. Make notes on interactions between parent & child and complete checklist-style report to turn in within five days of visit. When needed, schedule or confirm appointment times. Occasionally testify in children's court.

Description: Supervision cases are assigned by case workers with Child Protective Services. Vists may be scheduled for once a week, twice a month, every other week, or once a month. Visits may last 1 hour, 2 hours, or some other length of time depending on the nature of the case. Most visits take place at the Child Protective Services primary office, located at 3635 SE Military Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78223, although occasionally a caseworker may authorize visits to be held in a public place (such as a McDonald's Restaurant that has a PlayPlace). Monitor may be required to confirm dates and times with clients by placing phone calls. Monitor will arrive to location where the visit is to occur and make sure that everyone present signs in. (At a first appointment, monitor will go over the rules with the adult clients before the child clients arrive. At a first appointment, monitor should also ask clients to provide identification.) Monitor is responsible for ensuring parents follow the rules during their visit and documenting the interaction between parent and child(ren). A report will be turned in to CPS caseworker electronically within 5 days of the appointment.

How to apply: Visit the "forms" section of this website. Print documents 2970c and 2971c and complete them. Send them and a resume* via email to At the time of your interview, you will also need to provide copies of 1) your driver's license or state-issued photo ID card, 2) your social security card, 3) your diploma** from your highest level of education completed.

*Your resume must document experience in working with children and families, regardless of whether the positions were paid or unpaid. Please update your resume before submitting it. If your resume does not include sufficient experience with children and families, you will not be contacted.

**DFPS will accept a photocopy or a photograph of your diploma. If you do not have your diploma and will be providing a transcript, please be advised that unofficial transcripts sometimes cause delays in processing.

Contract Therapist or Part-time Therapist

Required Credentials: LPC, LMFT, or LCSW, fully licensed in your field (not an LPC-Intern or LMFT-Associate) 

Position: Independent Contractor therapist OR Part-time employee therapist

Compensation: $30.00 minimum per hour depending on client insurance. Most in-office client-hours pay approximately $40.00, while many in-home client hours pay as much as $55.00.

Number of positions: 1 or 2, with potential for more the near future

Hours: Part time to start, full time hours may be available depending on number of referrals

Schedule: You will make your own schedule. The office is available for you to schedule clients on weekends in the office. Weekday appointments will need to be coordinated in around other therapist's schedule or conducted in client homes when possible. Additional office space will be available once new therapist is established as part of this practice.

Start: Immediate opening for therapist who is already credentialed with TMHP and Superior/Cenpatico. Must be open to providing in-home services to clients in foster care. Those who are not yet credentialed can begin working once their credentialing is complete with TMHP,. a process which can take as much as 90 days. AHC will complete this process for you, but you will need to provide all required documents in order for AHC to do so.

Duties/Description: Provide in-home counseling services to clients in foster care, usually on weekday evenings on on weekends. Work with clients, foster family, and caseworker to develop appropriate treatment goals for each client. Type of therapy will depend on client needs and therapist training. Training in play therapy techniques is a plus, as is a willingness to work with teen clients who may be initially resistant. Complete progress notes and monthly reports in a timely manner and turn in as appropriate. Provide documentation of scheduled appointments to AHC assistant for billing weekly on designated day of the week.  

How to apply: Visit the "forms" section of this website. Print documents 2970c and 2971c and complete them. Send them, a resume, a copy of your clinical license, and a copy of your professional liability insurance to AHC via email to  

Interns and Associates**

If you are nearing completion of your internship or associate period, please consider submitting your resume for the position above and beginning the credentialing paperwork now.

LPC-Interns may be able to earn supervision hours with AHC. Call or email for more information.

**Opportunities for Interns and/or Associates are on a case-by-case basis and may not be available at all times. We are not actively recruiting Interns or Associates at this time.