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Alamo Heights Counseling, Inc.

Alamo Heights Counseling began in 2010 primarily providing services to children in foster care. Since that time, it has grown considerably. In 2011, the primary office was established in the Petroleum Center located at IH 410 and Broadway to provide services to self-referred clients and to address a wider variety of mental health and relationship issues. In 2012, Alamo Heights Counseling was incorporated. Much growth and many changes took place during the year 2014, including the addition of an LCSW to the practice. Alamo Heights Counseling also began providing supervision services to families who are clients of Child Protective Services. A team of six supervision monitors ensure that child clients of CPS are able to have safe and healthy interaction with their parents in a supervised visitation format while separated due to allegations. These visits take place at CPS offices, at AHC's main ofice, in public places, and even in client homes. The year 2015 brought still more changes, including the addition of another LPC to the practice. So far, 2016 has been an exciting year with the addition of another LCSW and another LPC to the therapy team and many new additions to the supervision team, as well as a move to a larger office suite on the second floor of our same, familiar location.